Team 2 - Term 3 2018

Mandala ArtMandala Art
In Room 6 we have been doing some mandala art. How we did the mandala flower: firstly we did a circle in the middle and then we added different things, but we had to do it 8 times with everything. Then came the amazing colouring part. You chose two colours and then mixed them together and then you were done.


High Jump PracticeHigh Jump Practice
Currently we have been practising high jump for one of the sports in athletics next term. So there are two mats and a pole which you have to try to jump over. You run from the side in a curve and kick you legs up one at a time. We are looking forward to the real athletics at Benburn Park!

Pyjama DayPyjama Day
On Wednesday 12 September there was a pyjama day. Some people wore onesies and then underneath they would just wear clothes.  There was also hot chocolate with free marshmallows and chocolate fish!

Calendar ArtCalendar Art
We do calendar art so that family and friends can see what we’ve done that we are proud of. They can buy calendars, sketch pads, mouse mats and diaries. We had free choice, but we had to do a draft first and make sure we didn’t make any mistakes. We needed to make it quite big so grandparents could see it. Some of us had a photo of ourselves doing something amazing.

From the 20th to 27th August some Yr 4s did some maths like ICAS with a man called Mr Gosling. Each child got a booklet of maths questions and answered them as well as they could. They also got to miss lessons to do the maths.

Interzone SwimmingInterzone Swimming
Interzone Swimming is like Western Zones, but 5 times as hard.  It is all the zones in Wellington. This year it was at Kilbirnie Pool on 13 September. Only 4 people at Northland School got in, but one person was sick.The worst thing was waiting because my race was one of the last races. I still had lots of energy after my race. I was really nervous when it came to my race and my heart was pounding. If I had had my fitbit it would have read 120!


Snapshots from the PastSnapshots from the Past
The whole school has done a big production and all of us here at web team LOVED it. On Wednesday 5th September and Thursday 6th September we performed it. The Year 4s did it on the Beatles coming to New Zealand and the Year 3s did the pink and white terraces. All the parents loved it and said great things about it.


WZ SwimmingWZ Swimming
On Friday 24 August we had the Western Zone Swimming competition. It was so much fun. These were some things that people did when they had to do their races: there was 1 length freestyle, 2 lengths freestyle, 1 length breaststroke, 1 length backstroke and the relay. We stayed there nearly all day. Some people just went there for one stroke. A few people made it through to the Interzones.

Production RehearsalsProduction Rehearsals
For the last 7 weeks we have been rehearsing in our teams.  We had to learn to be confident when we were on stage acting and singing. We had practices in our classrooms, then the Viggers, the Community Centre and finally, at the Wellington High School Riley Centre.  Team 2 did the Tarawera eruption and the Beatles visit.  We loved wearing a costume and makeup. The trickiest thing was to keep time with the dance moves.

Author VisitAuthor Visit
On 6th August author Ruth Paul came to visit us. She showed us some stages of illustrating her books, she narrated a play that some people did and we made an idea of a book which she said she might write and illustrate. It was called Lee The Flea and Me. Some lucky people got to act out a play of one of her books which was I Am Jellyfish.


School DiscoSchool Disco
The theme for this year's disco was Winter Wonderland. They marked an outside area and there was lots of shouting. Inside there were lots of flashing lights. The costumes were mainly based on cold colours. I think the whole school had lots of excitement. The people who were selling stuff mainly sold junk food and lights. There were lots of kids that dressed up as Elsa from Frozen.


Dress-Up ParadeDress-Up Parade
On Friday 10 August there was a Book Week parade. The order of the classes was room 1-14 and it was really fun.  Everyone had their own idea for a costume. There were lots of photos. There was even a "Where's Wally?" one. Mr Edwards was Wally!

Swimming SportsSwimming Sports
On Thursday Northland School caught the bus to Karori Pool. For swimming sports you signed up for different strokes.  You could do lengths, widths or novelty races. Some people qualified for Western Zones which will be in two weeks. It was great to see our friends and swim with them. After the day I felt brave that I had done the races and tired from the busy day.


Impressionist ArtImpressionist Art
Room 6 has been doing some impressionist art. Impressionist art is when you just get the colours of paint and mix them on the canvas to make the colours you want. Impressionist art is also about the lighting in the picture. We are doing sunsets with something like a simple tree or something easy and that part would be black.

Taniwha ArtTaniwha Art
In Week 1 & 2 Room 7 has been making some impressive Taniwha Art. We did a practice in our sketchbook then our real one. We sketched our legs, then body, then head and then we coloured it in. We added teeth, spikes and koru onto them. Nearly everyone's finished. We will hopefully finish them all by this Friday. Some of us chose to use pastel and some chose to use felt pens. Finally some of us  finished colouring in the details. It took ages to finish.
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