Team 3 - Term 3 2019

Athletics TrainingAthletics Training
On Tuesdays Team 3 goes to the park to do sprints, quoits, vortex and high jump. We go in year and gender groups Year 5 boys, Year 6 girls, Year 5 girls and Year 6 boys. The teachers take an athletic sport each to help the kids learn and practise.

Rich TasksRich Tasks
In Room 11 we have been doing some rich tasks. What is a rich task? A rich task is a maths word  problem that will have questions and it might have a little picture or a graph and you would have to figure out the problem. You don't get told how to solve the maths problem, so you have to figure that out. For example we did a rugby one and it had tries, penalties and conversions and you had to work out who won the game, New Zealand or Australia.

Pobble StoriesPobble Stories
What is a pobble story? A pobble story is a short story that will be on a small piece of paper with a little picture next to it. You can either add on to the story or start it again and write what you want it to be like, for example we had a giant story and if you started the story from the start you could make it a happy giant, a sad giant or maybe a confused giant. You can do anything you want. Pobble stories are so much fun to do because you can make so many different types of a story.

Northland School's Got TalentNorthland School's Got Talent
At Northland school we do annual talent shows. You can do a variety of acts, for example a dance, you could sing, do an acting performance, a magic show, a comedy act, playing an instrument or anything else you’d like to show. Team 1 and 2 do one together and Team 3 and 4 do one together. This year there was the option to submit a video instead of a live act which for some people is less nerve-wracking. There is also a raffle and you have to put in a gold coin to enter. The juniors' prize was a giant teddy and the seniors' prize was a bag of popcorn and a cool popcorn box. Everyone really enjoyed this year's Northland School's Got Talent.

World of Wearable ArtsWorld of Wearable Arts
In Team Three our topic is the world of wearable arts, we have been learning about how to be sustainable and use items that are good for the environment. We got into groups of mostly four but some had five members. There are two digital experts and two creative experts, one of the creative experts took on the role of the model. Firstly we started thinking of themes and what materials we would use. After that we started planning on what our designs would look like. Then we got into the creating, we brought in materials and items from home that we didn’t want or use anymore e.g. boxes, bubble wrap or containers. Throughout the session the digital experts went off into Room 11 and worked on incredibox making songs roughly two minutes long because we are doing a runway show featuring our designs in week ten for all our family members and friends interested in coming. There will be all sorts of cool things like smoke machines and bubble machines. Although there was only one model, everyone will walk the runway wearing a small little something. Everyone is so excited and counting down the days until the show!

Calendar ArtCalendar Art
In Team Three we have been doing our calendar art. We folded a piece of paper from our sketch pad into quarters and painted them different colours and shades. Then we cut out shapes like a mountain and stacked them on a piece of paper that had a circle on it. Then once we had filled the circle we cut the circle out and stuck it on a coloured piece of paper. The artist is Laura Blythman.


Shared NovelShared Novel
In Team Three we read a shared novel on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. All Year 6 students go into Room 10 and all Year 5 students go in Room 11. The most recent books we read were The Terrible Two which is about a boy named Miles who has to move towns. At his old school he was known as the prankster so when he comes to his new school and is buddied up with the teacher's pet, Niles how will he pull off his pranks? This book is a really good book, I definitely recommend it. The Mouse and the Motorcycle is a book about a mouse called Ralph who lives in a hotel. When a kid called Keith comes to stay Ralph is fascinated by his toy motorcycle so he tries to ride it and finds out the thrilling joys of speeding around on a motorcycle. What sort of adventures could Ralph the mouse get up to? This is a great book, also recommended!


New Junior PlaygroundNew Junior Playground
It has been three long weeks of building the little kids playground, they have been waiting and waiting for this to be done so they can have a nice place to play and if the older kids are good (enough) they might get to go on it too!  Hopefully it will be ready soon.

Each Monday, everybody goes down to the Community Centre for dance lessons. The instructor is a girl named Paris and she teaches us dance routines. We learn one new dance a week or we go back over some of the dances we’ve already done. Here are some of the styles we have done: contemporary jazz, funk aerobic, reggaeton, traditional and buddy dance.


Pyjama DayPyjama Day
On 14th August we had a hot chocolate and PJ day.  Everyone came to school in their pyjamas. At lunch time we went and got our hot chocolates, they were delicious. You also got marshmallows and chocolate fish. We fundraised $426 for the Wellington Free Ambulance. It was so much fun.

WZ NetballWZ Netball
On Tuesday 13th August, Team 3 & 4 went to Western Zones Netball. We asked some people about their opinion: 
"It was fun because I have never played before and it was a great experience." (Yr 6 girl)
"It was good and I was boss at shooting." (Yr 6 boy)
"It was fun and I liked playing with my friends." (Yr 6 boy)
"I liked playing with a mixture of people from Team 3." (Yr 6 girl)


Sexuality Road ProgrammeSexuality Road Programme
This term Team 3 is doing the sexuality road program. Year 5 has been making a hand that has UNIQUE on the palm of the hand and we wrote things on the fingers that we felt was us in a way e.g. pretty, sporty, kind, caring and creative. Year 6 has been playing Chinese whispers. Juliet gives us a sentence about sexuality. It has to stay the same all the way through the line. The boys fail all the time but the girls and one boy almost always gets it correct.

Wellington College PerformanceWellington College Performance
Recently we went to Wellington College to see a performance held at their new hall called the Allan Gibbs Centre. Wellington Girls were also there - they danced and they did kapa haka. There were so many different schools there. It was amazing there were some bands where we recognized some of the songs. We were sitting at the back on a little stage so some of us could see better than others.

In Room 10 we are focusing on statistics for maths. We just learnt about the median, mode and the mean. The median is when there is a row of numbers in numerical order, say there is an odd amount then it is the middle number, but if there's an even amount then you get the two middle numbers add them together for example look at these numbers 2,3,5,6,8,9,12,15,17,18 so you add eight and nine together which is 17 then divide by 2 so your answer is 8.5. For the mode say you have a line of again numbers in numerical order like this one 1,3,4,4,7,8,9,9,9,12,13,13 you find the number that appears the most which in this case is 9 so you have your answer! Finally the mean is the same as all three, a row of numerically ordered numbers like this 1,4,5,6,8,14,15,19,20,23 you would add all the numbers together then divide your total by how many numbers you have. So all the numbers added together equals 115 then since there are 10 numbers you divide by 10 which equals 11.5.

NS Swimming SportsNS Swimming Sports
On Tuesday 6th August our school did swimming sports. This was the first time we were allowed to enter as many races as we wanted.There was a novelty race in the shallow pool for people who are less confident. You can’t qualify for Western Zones in novelty races but these are the races you would enter if you wanted to try and get into Western Zones: two lengths (50m) freestyle, one length (25m) freestyle, one length butterfly, one length backstroke, one length breaststroke. The reason we could enter in as many races as we wanted was because there was no final and that's because the races were timed. The categories are split into gender and year group for example year 5 boys, year 5 girls, year 6 boys, year 6 girls, and generally in each category there are two heats: the two fastest times between both heats go to Western Zones.
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